Jalan Ban 5, Mukim Kilanas BF 2520 Negara Brunei Darussalam

                       From Eastward.....(Courtesy: Google Map,2007)



The location of Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Hasan cannot be seen from the main road of Jalan Kilanas. If you are from Jalan Jangsak, once you see traffic light, turn to the left. You will be passing by Kilanas Petrol Station to your left, Kilanas mosque until you arrive at another traffic light. (Sekolah Rendah to your left). TURN RIGHT. Go straight till you see Mulaut Abbatoir to your left. The time when your saw the Mulaut Abbatoir, the road to our school is ON YOUR RIGHT. (You can see label at the side of the road)

                          From Westward..... (Courtesy: Google Map,2007)


I will start from Jalan Jerudong. Once you arrive at traffic light, turn LEFT. You will be passing by Old Hua Ho building, Sengkurong Petrol Station, Sharif Ali Mosque to your left.

Then you will see traffic light. Turn right (as if you want to go to Limbang or to Kuala Lurah). To your left, you will see Jalan Ban 3, Jalan Ban 4. Then Ugama school to your right. (Still focusing your left side). Then only you will see Jalan Ban 5 (bridge). Go straight till you see School Label to your right hand side. Then, welcome to our school


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